What is the selling price of bulk exporting saffron?
What is the wholesale price of saffron in Iran, Europe and Arab countries?
In the following, we will consider the selling price of exporting saffron in the New Year.
Sales price of bulk exporting saffron.
What is the purchase price of saffron per kilo today?

Selling price of saffron

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Sales price of exporting saffron

The price of saffron per gram in the New Year is between 8$ and 13$
But the price of saffron per kilo is between 1200$ to 1550$
In this saffron market, the selling price of exporting saffron is still at the top of the prices
In the field of bulk purchase and sale of exporting saffron, the price of saffron in 2020 is between 1200$ to 1550$.

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Purchasing of 1 kilo saffron

Purchasing of 1 kilo saffron

Buying and selling bulk saffron in the saffron market has its own rules
The minimum weight that can be traded to buy kilo saffron is one kilo of saffron
Sometimes people who want to get saffron sample, are sent the lowest amount, 250 grams. (A quarter of the weight)
In this section, purchase price list of saffron per kilogram in weights of 1 to 100 kg has been provided to you separately for the type of saffron

Saffron wholesaler

Saffron wholesaler

1. Almas saffron Jahan and saffron king business Companies are major sales centers of saffron in most countries.
2. In this sales center, you can see different types of saffron and choose the option you want
3. Also, different qualities of saffron are available to you at different prices depending on usage
4. In the field of saffron export, we can offer saffron that we produce and export for your desired destination country.

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