Price list to buy saffron per kilo

Of course, the price of saffron brands on saffron is different.
The saffron dealers also fishing in troubled water.
Of course, the best brands of saffron are also tormented by dealers.
Some beneficiaries have been began to hoarding saffron, which adds seizure to the saffron market.

Every company, every person and … puts the price of saffron on their products and others.

Brand affects on saffron price

Brand of saffron affects the price of saffron.
Saffron purchase rate and price of major saffron in Tehran market is not much different from Mashhad market.
Due to the importance of the capital and its million market, most of the saffron producers produce in Mashhad, but they are also present in Tehran.
This presence is in two ways: either they have a sales office in Tehran or they have agents  there.
And each has a price list of their own saffron varieties.

Brand affects on saffron price

Buy saffron from a farmer

The purchase price of saffron from the farmer is very different from the purchase price of saffron from the saffron dealers.
There are some People who are trying to deceive people, especially the farmers.
These lucrative people use cyberspace, especially telegram advertising based on don’t sell saffron.
They say don’t sell saffron, to raise the price and sell the saffron at a higher price.

Brand affects on saffron price

Where to buy brand saffron?

Didn’t any economist ever come up with this plan for years?
In a good opportunity we will discuss about this.
But there is a question: Where to buy saffron?
We will continue with this.
Naturally, the day price of saffron per kilo is far better suited to buy saffron from a farmer than the price some brokers offer.

As mentioned in the previous section, saffron export is directly related to the price of this product.

Saffron sales

Price of brand saffron

The pole of exporting saffron market is in Mashhad, so buying and selling saffron in the province can determine the price of saffron per kilo.
So in a word we can say the pulse of buying and selling market of major exporting saffron in Iran, is Mashhad.

However, if you take a quick look at the price of buying and selling saffron, you will find that there are different prices of saffron in Mashhad.
There are different saffron brands in Mashhad and Iran that offer good products and services.
One of the best brands of saffron in Iran, are Almas Saffron Jahan and Saffron King business

Price of brand saffron

First class saffron

Since saffron is a valuable and precious plant, some people want it cheaper.
In fact, they are looking for a price list of cheap kilo saffron.
The most important and hidden fraud in buying and selling exporting saffron is mixing of two types of saffron.
(Mixing first class saffron with lower class).
In this case, they offer saffron in the name of exported and pure saffron at a lower price;

What are the saffron brands?

What are the saffron brands?

As you know, and it is evident in the evidence, the export status of saffron in Iran has improved.
As saffron per kilo sales and export increase, saffron brands increase too. The saffron brand has always been important to customers.
The best brands of saffron in Iran are handful.

The saffron brands and the best reputable brand of saffron usually have branches and agency at several points.

What are the saffron brands?

Export of brand saffron

When a product is branded, they unconsciously sell more.
The best brands of saffron compete in the sale of kilo saffron and export of saffron.
Since saffron brands are different, we refuse to name them.
Saffron brands are great, of course, but since each company focuses on one area, so only the same city and region know this type of saffron and this brand of saffron.
As the last word on the name of Almas Saffron Jahan indicates, its activities are not focused on one region.

Export of brand saffron
Export of brand saffron

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