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Why is the price of saffron spices very high
People who hear about saffron spice for the first time may know why it is so expensive. In fact, it is a spice that easily costs thousands of dollars per pound
So how does the best saffron look like
Saffron prices in 2020The best quality saffron spices – Saffron extraction process – The benefits of saffron – How does saffron look better? Let’s find below

What is the price of saffron flavor

Unprecedented saffron is the most expensive spice you can find on the planet. It is usually sold in a few grams or even ounces, only a few reds of this plant make up the delicate taste of a few grams
In the market of superior quality, the best saffron costs about $ 3,000 for 2 kg (about 1 kg), so the pound can cost up to $ 1,830
Such pricing makes saffron spices more expensive today than gold. That’s why it’s commonly referred to as “red gold
But when you consider some of the following factors, it is not hard to know why this spice is expensive

The best quality saffron spices

Saffron sales and exports of saffron in the 2020

Saffron is a very fair and unique choice for some areas, compared with other plants that can grow in several regions around the world and produce the same harvest quality.
The best quality spice of saffron is from a small part of just one plant on earth.
Flower Crocus stativus flower is also known as Crocus Saffron. In addition, you can only get 3 stigmata in most of each flower.
To this end, in order to obtain the commercial value of dry saffron, it requires harvesting from 80,000 flowers or more at a time

Iranian saffron spice

 Iranian saffron spice

Crocus stativus is also a very stylish plant that does not grow anywhere. This requires the special weather conditions such as rain, temperature, and suitable soil for natural fertilizer to grow easily.
That is why our Iranian saffron spice is the best quality in the world, because the Persian climate is its natural habitat and is only suitable for its production.

The extraction process saffron

Import & Export of Saffron

Till date, there is no mechanized way to safely harvest saffron stigmata from the flower. Because the threads themselves are so delicate, every single one of them must be removed gently and tenderly by hand.

After removal from the flower, the stigmata are expertly dried quickly to retain their deep red color, unique flavor, and prevent moisture during packaging. The flowers are also small and grow very close to the ground making the entire process labor intensive. Import and export of saffron by Saffron king Business Company & Almas Saffron jahan Company – Please contact our company’s experts.

Highly sought-after

Connoisseurs of fine living can testify to the unique benefits of saffron spice for cooking, its health benefits, and other uses. Even as far back as the middle ages, the ancient Greeks used it and so did the Chinese and the Romans for perfume, cloth dye, and in medicinal potions. Import & Export of Saffron by Saffron king Business Company & Almas Saffron jahan Company – To purchase organic saffron, please contact our company’s experts.

The extraction process saffron

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