Afghan saffron prices and saffron sales

Saffron King Business Company
Saffron King Business Imports and exports saffron (the red gold) furthermore Saffron King Business produce and supplies saffron from Iran and Afghanistan to the Netherlands and from the Netherlands to other European and non-European countries

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Organic Saffron

We supply saffron which is 100% organic and demands for this saffron is high.
This saffron suit Dutch multicultural residents from such as Afghanistan, Africa, Antilles, Aruba, Arabs, Ethiopia, Eritrea India, Iran, Morocco, Suriname, and certainly Dutch and other European and non-European countries.

?What are the characteristics of saffron

Saffron exports to the whole world

Follow Saffron King Business trends closely, pay more attention to quality, customer satisfaction and complicity.
That is because of new ideas which generate by our professional team
For example, importing super high qualities and 100% organic Saffron with ideal and luxurious various packaging.

Price per kg of saffron in the saffron market

Follow trends closely

“Ideas are beautiful, but without implementation they remain ideas”
Saffron King Business is always looking to improve the status quo with new and fresh ideas and is recognized as a company that takes the initiatives.
Our company is proactive and customer-oriented in addition Saffron King Business specializes in this direction and believe in this business because it has the ability to do this.

Saffron King Business Mission

Through the powerful nutrients in saffron we strive to positively influence people’s health and we strive for a healthy society through the organic Saffron.

  Saffron King Business Mission

What are the characteristics of saffron?

Increase people’s health
Disease reduction – cancer
Reduce medical costs
Increase happiness
good for heart and etc….
when our customers come to us normally the first steps is to
Start a conversation with the customer in a customer-friendly manner than we start business negotiations based on the interest of our customers this is done very carefully and handle till the agreements is made.
“agreement is agreement”
Don’t promise what you can’t do.
Distribution of 100% organic products

Saffron sales to France

Message from head manager

Message from head manager
Message from head manager

Our team is made up from highly qualified professionals
in line With faith and striving spirit and relying on the latest science and technology of the world
We take our transcendent goals powerfully and are committed to human values because,
 quality and integrity formed the basis of our development strategy. As a result, Saffron King Business has made remarkable progress in the production and cultivation of saffron as well as in the field of sales and export of saffron.

Saffron Business activities

Certainly, Saffron King Business executives, with a professional view of the future, are looking to develop quantitative and qualitative business activities
During our operations, our company has been able to gain the trust of our esteemed customers and companies with the products and services offered.

What is our long term goal?

In the long run, we plan to broaden the company’s research, training team activities and increase our saffron production.
We will also strengthen ties with our agencies in different countries and expand exports of various products, especially saffron
I walk the path of my highest goals with strong faith and hope that the quality of our products and services will be kind to you

With greatest respect
Direct communication with head manager

Buy the best exported saffron

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