It is obvious when political, economic or heal problems occur in the business of goods, especially in the saffron business, first things first they have a huge influence on the price.
The saffron price skyrockets, but fortunately our company (Saffron King Business Company) has still the same pricing.
Please read below in details:
Affect of Corona Virus on saffron price.

Corona Virus on Saffron Export

As you know, most of the saffron in the world came and was supplied from Iran.
But because of the Corona Virus several countries had to close their borders to Iran and it made the export of saffron very difficult from Iran and also China so far.
But fortunately our company has already expelled enough saffron from Iran and stores them in our stocks in Turkey, Afghanistan and Netherlands in Europe for our customers.

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Sale saffron as bulk

We sell saffron in bulk and we supply saffron in bulk to our customers.
It is far more beneficial for those who want to buy saffron in bulk, in terms of price, packaging, exporting and etc.…
Considering the Corona Virus, companies are not able to import saffron directly from Iran and China nowadays but based on the preparation of our company, we have stored enough saffron in our saffron storage centers to fulfill every demand.

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Saffron sale in Germany

Saffron Business vs Corona virus

with Consideration of crucial situation in the world because of the Corona Virus, , exporting of saffron is almost not possible for the companies who import saffron or buy saffron from Iran and this makes saffron price high and export of saffron very difficult.
Our company stands besides our saffron customers in these difficult situations and we are able to provide saffron and sell saffron to you at the previous saffron prices.

Where does saffron come from?

Crucial situation on saffron Business

The demand for saffron is high in these days and most of the people started knowing just recently about saffron benefits and saffron business in the world.
As we have already pointed out about the crucial situation on saffron business especially on saffron import and saffron exports, customers and companies like you want to buy saffron as a bulk and this is possible in our company and you can buy saffron right now as bulk.

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New saffron price 2020

Considering the Corona Virus problems on the saffron business, saffron sale, saffron export and saffron imports, Saffron King Business is still able to provide and supply you high quality saffron in bulk with reasonable price.
Please get in contact with our sale experts now to buy saffron as much as you like and we will deliver your purchase anywhere you want in the world.

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Price per kilo of saffron in the Netherlands ?

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