How much is the price of saffron in exporting saffron center?
Which centers sell saffron in bulk?
How is the exporting of saffron to the European saffron wholesale market?
Recently the market price of saffron has dropped dramatically.
Usually, the price of saffron flowers decreases, the price of pure saffron per kilogram decreases as well.

Prijzen van Afghaanse saffraan

What is the price of bulk saffron in the Netherlands? what is the price of saffron per kilo in today’s market?
Our experts at saffron King business and Almas Saffron Jahan Companies will answer these questions:

How to sell saffron in the wholesale market?

How Much is the Best Price of Saffron in the Wholesale Saffron Markets? What Factors Influence the Price of Saffron per kilo on the Market?
At the exported saffron sales center, the saffron wholesale market usually trades at weights over 250 grams.
In Saffron King Business and Almas saffron Jahan collection, the lowest weight traded is usually 250 grams.

price of saffron in the market

Below are the reasons for this:
Saffron Sale in the Wholesale Market of Saffron

How is the original saffron purchase?

If you want to start marketing in Iran, you can make better money with this.
If you want to start attracting customers outside Iran, you can refund your minimum travel cost.
If you want to send samples to your customers who want to buy big amount of saffron, they can better monitor the volume of saffron.
(Different types of saffron have different grades.
In sales and export of saffron, bulk saffron volume is very important)
If you want to test yourself, you can do all the saffron routine and specific tests.

Hoe Iraanse saffraan kopen?

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How much is the price of saffron in the export market of saffron in the wholesale market of saffron?

How To Buy Genuine Saffron
What is the price of saffron on the market today?

How much is the price of saffron in the saffron market?

Bulk saffron prices in the wholesale market of Mashhad saffron are daily and will fluctuate daily.
But how much is the price of saffron exported from the wholesale market of saffron in Mashhad today?

The Reasons for the Saffron Price Fluctuation

saffron price & saffron amount

We work in the field of wholesales of saffron and usually do not change much over a month.
The Following is the price of saffron Grade 1 in the exporting market in weights between 1 to 10 kg:
Below you can find the price of bulk saffron on the market in weights of 10 to 25 kg, 25 to 50 kg and 50 to 100 kg depending on the type of saffron.

Price of Bulk Saffron in the Market and Bulk Saffron Price at Wholesalers Saffron Markets
Prices of saffron in the market for selling saffron
Cooperation with the wholesales saffron exporting Center  

Collaboration (Contractor):

We are active in the field of wholesale sales of saffron and it is possible for all other companies to sell their products in Iran or other countries after receiving the required international saffron certificates from us.
Business companies that want to sell and export bulk saffron or distribute domestically in other countries can choose from our company default packaging or their own packaging (on a per-order basis).

Saffron king business company

Based on the capacity of our company, we are ready to cooperate with domestic and foreign industrial companies that are self-exporter or consumer, according to a formal contract (quarterly / six-month / one-year / three-year / five-year …).

After initial confirmation of the order and preliminary negotiations on how the export cooperates, the details of the contract will be formally emailed to the opposing company.
Export saffron sales center

Where does saffron come from?

Partnership (cross-section):

As the selling price of exported saffron per kilo is changing daily, the delivery conditions and purchase price of exported saffron will be updated on the same time-frame.
Provisional certificates will only be available for export with the same expiry date.
Documents required for temporary export will be shipped with the order.
Prior to delivery of the original order, 250 to 500 grams will be shipped as a sample.

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