How much is the purchase price of saffron from Gulfood Dubai ?
Following is a list of saffron purchase prices in Dubai and saffron prices in the Arabic countries in USD.
If you are looking to buy Kilo Saffron and market in Dubai Saffron you can contact Saffron King Business Group.
We will also discuss the price of saffron at Gulfood in Dubai and some important things about buying saffron in the Arabic countries.

The price of saffron and quality of saffron

Saffron sale at Gulfood Exhibition

The Dubai Golf Exhibition is considered to be the world’s premier food business development base.
Because of its brilliant history among traders and exporters, the exhibition provides an opportunity to attract Central Asian, North Asian and African markets.

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Saffron in Exhibition event

The exhibition is held annually in Dubai in the UAE.
The 25th edition of the Goldwood Exhibition will be held February 16-20, 2020 at the Dubai World Trade Center.

The presence of visitors and buyers from 150 countries demonstrates the industry’s commitment to expanding its business and relationships through this international event.

But you will find it easy to make major sales of saffron because:

King Saffron Business at Dubai Exhibition

Many companies, including saffron companies, attend the fair.
Every year, the exhibition brings together visitors from 5 countries.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan has a strong presence in the field of saffron.
Saffron King Business and Almas Saffron Jahan will also participate in the Gulfood Exhibition on food products (food, beverage, food service) in Dubai next year.

Saffron king business Company

Buy Saffron from Gulfood Exhibition

Gulfood Dubai is one of the most prestigious Dubai fairs held every year in the Dubai World Trade Center.
This year, the exhibition will take place in Dubai.
You can contact sales managers of Almas saffron Jahan and Saffron Business to buy Grade Saffron.

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Saffron trade with Arabic countries

The choice of Dubai as the Expo 2020 exhibition center will continue to be the focus of international trade and venue for the largest and most important global events, seminars and conferences for many years to come.
The exhibition offers a variety of saffron.
The Arabic countries are among the largest consumers of saffron in the world.

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The Importance of a World Food Exhibition

Importance of this exhibition in the region for export, many ministers of agriculture and economy from different countries attend the exhibition to accompany their country representatives to this global market which can be visited by countries such as Afghanistan, Turkey, Indonesia, US, UK, Australia, Bahrain and Iran mentioned many other countries.

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Growth of food sales in the market

With the increase in Dubai’s Gulffood exhibition space, the growing demand for food companies to book booths, the growth of contracts with new buyers at Gulfood, the lack of time for visitors to negotiate with exhibitors, and holding annual global conferences, all lead to The decision was made by Dubai World Trade Center executives to change from 4 days to 5 days by the time of the Dubai Golf Show.
We are a major seller of saffron.
We export Iranian saffron and Afghan saffron to the whole world

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Attending World Saffron Market

This year’s fair, as in previous years, will be held in different fields of food products and industry with the participation of activists from all over the world.
The executives of Saffron King Business are planning to attend the 2020 Dubai Golf Exhibition by presenting a variety of high quality saffron.

What are the different prices of saffron?

Gulfood Dubai topics 2020

The Gulfood Dubai Food Products Exhibition has 4 different branches, each with their own booths, where they present their products and innovations to the public.

• Foodstuffs
• Variety of drinks
• Hotel
• Restaurant and cafeteria

This year’s Gulffood Exhibition will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center, as in previous years.
As stated above, Saffron King Business and Almas Saffron Jahan will also be participating in the Gulfood Exhibition on food products (food, beverage, food service) in Dubai next year.
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We export saffron to all over the world.

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