How much is the Best Saffron Brand in the Saffron Market?
(Saffron price updated)
Here is the list of exporting saffron price for economic activists.
The items you will find in the list of exporting saffron prices are as follows:

impact of corona virus on price of saffron per kilo

Exporting saffron

1.Saffron prices
2. Price of 2 quality grade of saffron (exporting and first class)
3. Prices in Toman for delivery in Iran and export price is in USD and EUR for delivery in destination country
4. Export prices are in CIF.
5. The price of exporting saffron varies according to the order quantity.

Saffron sale in Germany
Prices of saffron in other countries

How to buy exporting saffron

In the following you can see the price of saffron per kilo in weights from 1 to 10 kg and 10 to 25 kg and 25 to 50 kg and 50 to 100 kg and select your desired option.
6.In the following list of exporting saffron, only the price of saffron per kilo is listed and the cost of packaging in different sizes and different designs and different types is borne by the customer.
7.The expiration date for this price list is listed below in the description section of the price chart.
8. Below you can watch the movie of Saffron types.

price of saffron in Qatar
price of saffron in Qatar

Every company, every person and … puts the price of saffron on their products and others.

Price fluctuations of saffron

Because of the high cost of saffron, we will tell you the best way to buy exporting saffron at the lowest cost.
1. Be sure to ask the company or sales person to send you a sample of saffron
2. Because you intend to buy bulk saffron it is better to have a sample more than 200 grams and less than 500 grams.
3. Because in addition to the type of saffron you can see the quality and volume of saffron closely.

The Reasons for the Saffron Price Fluctuation
Wat is de reden voor het verschil in de prijs van saffraan?

Saffron quality

1. Depending on the type – quality and grade, prices are sometimes different.
2. Currency and dollar price fluctuations also affect the price of saffron per kilo. (Of course these fluctuations inside Iran are more than other countries)
3. The type of packaging has an impact on pricing. (Export packages have high quality)
4. Of course, the prices of the companies that supply the saffron are different. In the following section we will explain the best saffron brands and saffron pricing method.
5. Organic Saffron day prices each type of saffron is different double or triple.

Iranian saffron sales in Europe

Saffron doesn’t have fixed price

The next point is supply and demand. The amount of saffron production and the amount of consumption and export of saffron affect the price of saffron and its purchase rate.
Unfortunately, there is no precise and reliable reference in the pricing of saffron.
Even the saffron stock and saffron that are offered there, offering with special conditions and those prices cannot be a reference for determining the price of saffron in the market.

Hoeveel kost de Iraanse saffraan?

Best Saffron supplier

Almas Saffron Jahan and Saffron King business are the best saffron brands that have long been active in the field of production and export of saffron, allowing you to choose the most profitable and best type of saffron by contacting our consultants (Due to demand background in Destination Country) and see your order closely.

largest saffron growers

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