Buy saffron from Iran

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Iranian saffron get exported from the best brand of saffron in the world.
What are the terms to buy exported saffron from the best brands of saffron?
Below is the list of prices of the saffron per kilo in USD and Toman .
How is shopping saffron from saffron sales center in Tehran?
Buy saffron from Iran …

Beste saffraan voor Iraakse markt

Quality saffron brand in Iran

In the field of export sales there is always an important question, which one is the best authentic brand?
Various companies are active in the field of saffron exports, some illegally and some legally.
Almas Saffron Jahan Company & Saffron King Business Company is one of the prestigious saffron brand companies in the field of saffron export that has taken powerful steps to export to most European and American countries. The purchase of saffron….

The best saffron brand in Iran

You can contact our experts to purchase saffron and order online:  09120658535
In the field of saffron export various factors are effective In determining the price of export saffron in Iran., such as:

World’s Famous Saffron Brand

Here’s how we work with famous saffron brands and buy and sell saffron brands and exported saffron in Iran, as well as the reasons for the differences in the prices of different brands and how we work with the Almas Saffron Jahan Company & Saffron King Business brand.
The purchase of exported saffron of Iran. read more about Buy saffron from Iran ..

Saffron King Business Company

Price of saffron and its origin

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. While various countries such as Afghanistan, Morocco etc… cultivate saffron, the capital of saffron cultivation is in Iran The purchase of saffron
This product has a certain price in Iran, but we still see different prices in market.

  • . Quality of saffron
  • . Type of saffron
  • . Customs certificates provided by companies
  • . Order quantity
  • Analyzes on saffron
  • . Different brands of saffron
  • . Etc…
What is the difference between <a href=price of saffron brands?” class=”wp-image-367″ width=”814″ height=”509″/>

You can contact our experts to purchase saffron and order online:
The purchase of saffron of Iran . How much is the price of saffron in the saffron market?

Is Saffron cheap?

Brands offer products based on the scope of their activity.
Almas Saffron Jahan Company & Saffron King Business operates as a manufacturer and exporter of saffron varieties and a saffron brand.
Here you can find the best quality and best day price of per kilo saffron.
The prices of the first class exported saffron in this center start from 9,000,000 tomans and up to 13,000,000 tomans.

What is <a href=the price of saffron” class=”wp-image-618″ width=”1432″ height=”489″/>

Purchase saffron from the best saffron brand

We have made it possible to send some of the saffron order as sample to all the valued customers in different countries of the world to make your order according to the sample.
Sending the sample to the customer first.
For orders of kilograms it is one quarter of the weight ( 250 grams)
If dear customers are considering a specific order, they will be shipped accordingly.

You can contact our experts to purchase saffron and order online :
009891206585350031613963190 – 0031644341144
Collaborating with the saffron brand, the Almas Saffron Jahan Company & Saffron King Business

Buy saffron from the <a href=best brand of saffron ” class=”wp-image-369″ width=”815″ height=”510″/>

Buy saffron and Cooperation

*. We are active in the field of wholesale and it is possible for all companies to sell their products in Iran or in other countries after receiving the required saffron and certificates from us.

*. Businesses that intend to sell wholly or partly domestically or in other countries can receive their order in our company’s default packaging or in their own packaging (by order and by circulation).

*. Based on our company’s supply capacity, we are ready to cooperate with domestic and foreign industrial companies that are self-customers, under a formal contract ( six months / one year / five years / ten years).

*. After initial confirmation of the order and preliminary negotiations, the details of the contract will be formally emailed to the other company .

Spanish saffronWholesale of saffron
How do you make saffron bulbs

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The purchase of saffron of Iran . How much is the price of saffron in the saffron market?

The purchase of saffron of Iran
Price of 1 kilo saffron in Netherlands

2nd Collaborative Method

**. Delivery terms and prices will be up to date based on the same timeframe.

**. Temporary certificates shall only be issued for the export of the same goods having the expiry date of export.

**. Required documents for temporary export will be sent along with the order.

Before shipping the original order, some as a sample will be shipped to person.

You can contact our experts to purchase saffron and order online:  09120658535
The purchase of saffron of Iran . How much is the price of saffron in the saffron market?

<a href=Price list of saffron kilo ” class=”wp-image-356″ width=”826″ height=”516″/>
What is the price of saffron?

Saffron Price list per kilo

Here you can see the day price of the kilo saffron and choose your option.
The price of saffron varies depending on the quantity and type of saffron and the place of delivery (Iran or outside Iran).
Below you can see the list of day price of saffron kilo in weights from 1 to 10 kg and 10 to 25 kg and 25 to 50 kg and 50 to 100 kg and select your desired option.
We are a manufacturer of saffron, so our prices will not fluctuate over a month.
But the price of saffron this month has a little difference from the previous month and the next.
If you order, we can ship your order in Iran or your destination country.

<a href=price of saffron per kilo in Germany” class=”wp-image-629″ width=”616″ height=”509″/>

Click here to get a price table in dollars

Reasons for price in saffron?

The price of one kilogram of saffron for delivery in Iran is toman and the price of saffron for delivery in the destination country is in dollar and euro.Depending on the type – the quality and quantity, sometimes the price will be different. The type of packaging has an impact on pricing (Export packages are high quality)
Currency and dollar price fluctuations also affect the day price of saffron. course, the prices of the companies that supply the saffron are different.Organic Saffron Day Prices on Each type of saffron is double or triple. The purchase price of exported Iranian saffron is between 18 and 23 million tomans.

Click here to get the price chart in Euro.

Price list of saffron kilo
What are the different prices of saffron?

Where to buy exported saffron?

*. Be sure to ask the company or sales person to send you a sample of saffron.
*. Because you are going to buy bulk saffron, it is better to have a sample more than 250 grams and less than 500 grams.
*. Because of the type of saffron you can closely see the scent and volume of saffron.
Almas Saffron Jahan Company & Saffron King Business Company is one of the best brand of saffron that has been active for long time in the field of production and export of saffron, has enabled you to choose the most profitable and best type of saffron through our consultants (due to demand history in the country of destination) and view and touch your order as well.

How to Buy Saffron Export

Is there a fixed price for saffron?

 As mentioned in the previous section, saffron export is directly related to the price of this product. The purchase of saffron
The next point is supply and demand.
The amount of saffron production and the amount of consumption and export of saffron affect the
price of saffron and the purchase rate of export saffron.

impact of corona virus on price of saffron per kilo

Buy saffron from Iran

Unfortunately, there is no precise and reliable reference in the pricing of saffron.
Of course, the price of saffron brands on saffron is different.
Another factor affecting saffron prices is the lack of price controls.
that’s why, everyone puts on the products at whatever price they want.
Here below read more about Buy saffron from Iran..

Why is saffron not a fixed price?
Saffron king Business copmany

How to Purchase saffron per kilo?

Saffron brand affects the price of saffron. The purchase price of exported saffron and the price of major saffron in Tehran market are not much different from Mashhad market.
Due to the importance of the capital and its million-dollar market, most of the saffron producers produce in Mashhad, but they are also present in Tehran.
This presence is in two ways: either they have a sales office in Tehran or they have agents in Tehran.
Each has their own price list of saffron varieties.
The best reputable brand of saffron usually have branches and dealerships at several points.

Price per kg of saffron
Price of 1 kilo saffron in Netherlands

Buy saffron from the saffron market

Since the pole of buying and selling of saffron is in Mashhad, so buying and selling saffron in this province can determine the price of saffron.
Since saffron is a valuable and precious plant, some people want it cheaper.
In fact, they are looking for a price list of cheap saffron varieties.
The most important and hidden fraud in the export and sale of Iranian saffron is the mixing of two types of saffron.
(Mixing first class saffron with lower classes saffron).
In this case they offer saffron in the name of pure Iranian saffron for export at a lower price.

How much is the price of saffron in the saffron market?
Saffron King Business Company

Know saffron brands

As you know, and it is evident in the evidence, the export status of saffron in Iran has improved.
The saffron brand has always been important to our customers.
The best saffron brands in Iran are handful.
Some saffron brands have television ads.
These saffron brands cost a lot of money to be seen.
But what makes a saffron brand an asset is the quality of its products and services.

What are <a href=the saffron brands?” class=”wp-image-242″ width=”935″ height=”496″/>

Saffron King Business

Almas Saffron Jahan Company & Saffron King Business Company is one of the saffron brands in terms of the quality of service and quality of products, especially saffron, is well known as saffron of Iran. The purchase of saffron
We believe the best brands of saffron only
known for the type of service and product quality.

Saffron King Business

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