Exporting varieties of saffron has two important points that will expand Iraq’s exports.
In the following section we will look at the difference between the price of saffron exported in Iraq and all the red gold exports to Arab countries, especially.
Iraq is one of the largest importers of food products from Iran.
Therefore, exporting a product such as saffron can be a good choice for this country.

See the price of saffron in Iraq below

Saffraanprijzen en saffraanleveranciers
Saffraanprijzen en saffraanleveranciers

How is the price of saffron in Iraq and Iran?

Given its religious affiliation and its border with Iran, exporting saffron and other products could be a good option to start a business.
In relation to the export of saffron to Iraq like any other market, two important aspects of the quality and price of saffron must be considered.
Naturally, if the Iraqi market conditions regarding these two issues are properly assessed, we can succeed in exporting saffron.

Iranian saffron sales in Europe

Price difference of saffron

Price difference of saffron in Iran
The price list of the saffron varieties above is in toman per kilo of saffron.
please click below to see the price list of saffron:

what is the price of saffron in Iraq?

As you can see in the above section on the price of different types of saffron, the price of saffron in Iraq and in the saffron market is trading between $ 900 and $ 1500 per kilo of saffron.
Of course, saffron sales are traded in both the dinar and the dollar.
The price of Super Negin saffron in Iraq is between $ 1350 and $ 1500
The price of saffron ranges from $ 850 to $ 980.
Saffron prices are uploaded daily to the Almas saffron Jahan site.
Click on the button below to see the list of prices of exported saffron varieties

How much is the price of saffron in Iraq?

The reason for the difference in the price of saffron in the Iraqi market
The price of saffron market depend on several factors:
The quality of saffron is characterized by its purity, impurity, color and strands of saffron.
Types of saffron include Super Negin, Export Negin, Sorgol and etc..
Saffron extract that is the color and flavor of different types of saffron.
Weight and order quantity can be in kilo and bulk saffron.

Wat is de prijs van saffraan in Nederland?
Saffraan kan voor export naar Zweden

saffron packages

Currency and dollar price fluctuations are significant in Iran and Tehran markets.
Type and quality of saffron packaging which export packages are high quality.
Customs and international certificates issued for consumption abroad.
The prices of the supplier companies also vary. see below more about saffron packages

Saffron in world markets

The best saffron in Iraqi market

The Iraqi saffron market is divided into two parts: Iraqi Kurdistan and the rest of the provinces and cities.
As the Kurdistan market is quality driven. So for trading with this part, Sargol saffron is a great choice. It has both high quality, coloring and aroma of saffron, and on the contrary, it is very affordable.

For other parts of Iraq, naturally cheaper saffron, such as Poshal saffron, should be used.
There are both luxury and price-oriented customers in each market, but it is best to take the saffron export pattern as the dominant consumption pattern in any market.

The best saffron for the Iraqi market

Saffron Exports Almas saffron Jahan Company.
Almas saffron Jahan Company is the best provider of exported saffron.
Iraq is one of the major exporters of saffron in Iran. In the table below you will see the major export targets of Iranian saffron in 2014.
Of course, these countries remain the main exporters of Iranian saffron.

What are the different prices of saffron?
Export of Iranian saffron, saffron trade. Export of Saffron, Selling of saffron

Saffron market in Iraq

In the Iraqi saffron market, you can also offer different packaging in a sample size.
After gathering information from the target market, he decided on the best packaging for exporting saffron.
It is best to match the type of packaging to the taste and demand of the market to ensure your success.
The saffron market is booming in Iraq during the months of Muharram and Ramadan.

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