Vacancies – Introduction

Introduction – Vacancies

You can cooperate with Saffron King Company in the following fields
We have an agricultural farm in Iran and Afghanistan and we grow saffron.

We are a wholesaler of saffron and we specialize in the sale and export of saffron and we specialize in planting, selling and exporting red gold and other products. We are present in Europe, Asia, American countries, England, Arab countries, etc.

We export Spanish saffron, Iranian saffron, Afghan saffron, Moroccan saffron, Kashmir saffron, Algerian saffron, etc. to all over the world.

Saffron sales

In different countries of the world, especially in European countries, you can be our representative and sales branch and enjoy the many facilities of our company.

Buy saffron

To buy saffron, you can contact the saffron sales department and buy the highest quality saffron at the best price. Buy saffron online and buy through Saffron King stores and buy saffron from sales branches


In countries where we have a registered company and our sales branches, you can cooperate with the company in the administrative department.

Sell saffron and buy saffron
Sell saffron and buy saffron