The price of exporting Mancha saffron is between $850 to $980.
Here, the purchase price of saffron in different weights in dollars and euros is at your disposal.
We are a wholesaler of saffron and we are active in the field of selling original saffron and exporting saffron in kilograms.
You can contact our experts to buy first-class exporting saffron.

price of Saffron Mancha

price of Saffron Mancha
price of Saffron Mancha

Mancha saffron is one of the types of saffron available in the market.
Do you know why this type of saffron has a better price than Negin Saffron and Sargol saffron?
The reason for this is because this type of saffron has a part of cream in addition to the stigma.
Production of this saffron model is almost at the beginning of the harvest season and has a longer shelf life than other saffron flowers.
Because this type of saffron, along with its stigmas, also includes some cream.
In the following, we will consider the purchase price list of exporting Mancha saffron.

Exporting saffron price list

Exporting saffron price list
Exporting saffron price list

Daily price of bulk saffron fluctuates every day, of course,
in some cases this price fluctuation is severe and in some cases it is less,
but one of the services of Saffron King Business Company, a saffron producer,
is to keep prices constant in its collection, So that today the price of exporting saffron is almost the same or has the least fluctuation with the daily price of saffron on other days.
Therefore, the price of saffron is almost monthly in this collection.
So that the price of saffron this month is different from the previous month and next month.
You can see the prices of different types of saffron below.

Why Mancha saffron is cheap?

Why Mancha saffron is cheap?
Why Mancha saffron is cheap?

As mentioned, Mancha saffron has a lower price due to having a part of cream
(about three to fifty millimeters), but Pushal saffron also has a good taste, aroma and color because part of the cream is attached to it and therefore less fraud may occur.
Some people believe that this type of saffron is less cheated and more recognizable. (Because of its creamy part)
In general, it can be said that out of 101 kg of saffron flowers, only one kg of Mancha saffron is obtained in a natural state.

Features of Pushal saffron

Features of Pushal saffron
Features of Pushal saffron

As we mentioned, exporting Pushal saffron – Saffron Mancha has a lower price than Negin and Sargol saffron, but in general, the features of this type of saffron are:

1. It has a natural and beautiful color
2. At the final price of its stigma, it has the whiteness of saffron, about three to fifty millimeters.
3. It is largely intertwined and curled
4. It has a good color, taste and aroma compared to bunch saffron.
5. Its pieces are not glued together.
6. They have coil-shaped strings.

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