Sargol saffron is one of the best-selling saffron.
But what is the purchase price of Sargol saffron?
In the following, we will consider the wholesale price of Sargol saffron in the market and also the features of exporting Sargol saffron.

Purchase price of Sargol saffron

Saffron King Business Company is active in the field of sales and export of saffron. The purchase price of saffron in this center varies according to the type of saffron and the amount of order. Below is the price list of different types of saffron, also, the official representatives of our company in Turkey, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Norway, Indonesia, New Zealand, etc. are ready to serve you dear ones.
Here we will consider the purchase price of ordinary Sargol saffron as well as the exporting Sargol saffron.

Wholesale price of saffron

Organic and inorganic saffron
Organic and inorganic saffron

In the wholesale market of saffron, we see different prices. Part of this price difference is related to saffron brands and saffron packaging but in saffron wholesale, prices vary based on the types of saffron and the amount of order.
Here is the average price of saffron per kilo that is traded in the saffron market.

Important point while buying saffron

As you know, exporting saffron is different from other saffron in all respects. In the field of saffron export and wholesale sale of saffron, there are 4 types of saffron and 16 degrees of quality. But how do we identify exporting saffron?
Sargol-type saffron has some general features that are recognizable to everyone, and some specialized features that can only be identified through a laboratory. In the saffron market, some profiteers cheat.

Features of Sargol saffron

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  1. Stigmas (the same strings we call saffron) without yellowing (or so-called cream)
  2. The stigmas are completely separate.
  3. In this saffron sample, the stigmas are usually shorter than Negin saffron type.

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