At the moment Saffron King Business is one of the most powerful saffron brands in Netherlands and is highly acclaimed and trusted in terms of standard, price, high quality saffron, and so on.
Saffron sale in Europe , Price of saffron in Europe, Export of Iranian saffron …

Wat is saffraan én waarom is het zo duur?

Saffron dealers in Europe

There are not many dealers for saffron in Europe.
Saffron sale in Europe “
But the crucial point is that the brand from which it is bought must buy and sell is a trusted brand in accordance with international standards of saffron.
Saffron sale in Europe , Price of saffron in Europe, Export of Iranian saffron

Buy the best exported saffron

Value of saffron in Europe

European countries pay great value to the quality of saffron, and therefore the brand must have a high reputation and quality.
Almas Saffron Jahan Company is licensed by the Saffron King Business Company in Netherlands.

Bulk Saffron Sale in Europe

Price of saffron in Europe

European countries pay great attention to the quality, taste and aroma of saffron.
The price of saffron in European countries is several times high than Iran.
Global price of per kilo of saffron in year 2020 between $ 1,200 and $ 1,600.
Saffron which is provided to European countries from Saffron king business Company , has got a great deal to get it right like:

Saffron price and Saffron sales in europe

Supplying Saffron To you

Our companies do all these things for you
customs clearance
And …
However, the price can be changed over time.

Saffron sale in Europe , Price of saffron in Europe, Export of Iranian saffron

Today's price of saffron in saffron market

Saffron prices in euros

in follow you will see the price of 1 kilo saffron per year.
Saffron price lists vary in different companies. In addition, the price of saffron depends on many factors.
Our head office is located in Netherlands city of Rotterdam We are active in the sales and export of saffron.
If you are also interested in buying and exporting saffron, you can contact to our company ‘s experts and we will answer you right a away.
Our office in Iran is located in Tehran, Mashhad and other cities of Iran

Saffron price and Saffron sales in europe

How much is the price of saffron in Europe?

Saffron sales in Europe
Saffron sales representative in other European countries

Why is the price of saffron on change?

Some factors are really effective on the price of saffron.
The price of saffron relate to several factors, which are discussed below.
Saffron prices in world markets are determined by solely negotiation between buyer and seller on the basis of product quality.
Not all prices on different sites are stable .
Prices of saffron differ in our company are determined by experienced experts and business team.
These prices are exclusively for companies.

price of saffron in the market
price of saffron in the market

Saffron price in the world markets

The price of saffron in countries, especially the UAE, is between 1300 $ to 1800$ per kilo.
The Arabic countries also pay great value to the quality of saffron and they are in fact a quality-oriented ones.
The highest consumption of a saffron and The highest percentage of buying saffron is in Arab countries, especially in Dubai.
Most of the time the saffron offered in the UAE market is provided by the travelers, etc.
It is has got poor quality and has affected the market price .

saffron price in other countries

In China, prices range from 1300 $ to 1800$ per kilo.
What is the price of saffron based on:
The price of saffron in Malaysia is the lowest
( between 1300 $ to 1800$ per kilo )
The price of saffron is determined by its quality.
As you know, different types of saffron have different prices.
For instance, the price of Negin Super Saffron is higher than other types of saffron. Here you see how can you know more about saffron.
The lower the white stigma, the more valuable it is.
Another issue is that the amount of saffron used varies from country to country.
The amount of saffron you buy, the packaging, the type of saffron, and the price which affects
There are, of course also other important issues to be addressed here.

price of saffron in Qatar

Price of per kg saffron in the saffron market

The price of saffron varies for different reasons and it can be said that it fluctuates regularly,
Type of saffron
Quality of saffron
Flavor and aroma
And …. it’s also effective in its price.

Price of saffron in the Netherlands

Reasons for the Saffron Price change?

Currency and dollar fluctuations (exchange rate fluctuations, especially dollar and euro)
Saffron Exports (Saffron Supply by Other Countries on the Market)
Supply and Demand (Global and Domestic Saffron Demand)
Time of buying and selling saffron
Type and quality of saffron
Saffron packaging
Saffron supplier company
Amount of saffron production per year
Domestic as well as overseas laws and regulations
Customs Tariffs in Saffron Importing Countries
All of these factors influence the purchase price of saffron.
Described in detail below:

Important point in buying saffron
Important point in buying saffron

Important point in buying saffron

The first point is to specify the type and quality of the saffron you want to buy.
When Some Saffron Sales Centers Offer You Price You can judge by the type and quality of saffron you buy from a saffron sales center.

Saffron King Business Company

Saffron Exchange Rate 2020

Currency rate fluctuations have unfortunately increased in recent years and have largely taken on the Saudi trend.
Of course, these changes are very evident in Iran.
In other countries, the value of the dollar and the currency of the countries are not so fluctuating.
In the Iranian market, the price of the dollar is constantly changing.
This upward trend and the public’s expectation to increase it can have a profound effect on the saffron and the finished price, as well as the price of saffron exported to various countries.

Gulfood Dubai 2020 topics

Export of Iranian saffron

Rising dollar price is quickly affecting the markets and services, but the impact on the saffron market has been very slow and sometimes negligible.
saffron King business Company is a producer of saffron and cultivates saffron in Herat, Afghanistan and Mashhad, so the fluctuations in the price of saffron do not have a significant impact on its price.
Saffron sale in Europe

Exchange rate fluctuations and impact on saffron exports
Exchange rate fluctuations and impact on saffron exports

Exchange rate impact on saffron exports

Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world, producing more than 50% of the world’s saffron, so any change in currency fluctuations in the country will affect the price of saffron.
Recently studies show that exchange rate has had the most impact on exported saffron prices compared to other variables affecting saffron. Long-term exchange rate fluctuations have had a positive effect on Iran’s export demand.

Saffron King Business

Iranian saffron sales in Europe

According customs statistics, the highest volume exports of saffron in Iran is given priority to the following countries:
United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia
Hong Kong
It should be noted that Iran’s saffron is currently exported to 5 countries worldwide.

Iranian saffron sales in Europe

Other factors affecting saffron price

Saffron sale in Europe -Price per kilo of saffron
How to Buy Saffron in Europe
The types of saffron and its price are different
Packing and weight varying etc.
We work in the wholesale and sales basin
We do a little wrapping on the circulation
How to Buy Saffron in Germany and Europe Our company is in the Netherlands and anyone can visit there

price of saffron in Germany
price of saffron in Germany

Saffron export rate in Europe

Examine the factors affecting the price of saffron, the most important of which are exchange rate fluctuations and its impact on the rise or fall of saffron prices as well as global and domestic demand, the supply and planting of saffron, the rules and regulations governing saffron markets and exports, tariffs Exports and imports to countries and the demand level of countries as well as the supply of competing countries to a large extent investigate the causes of price fluctuations of saffron.
Saffron export rate in the new year

For more information contact our companies Almas Saffron Jahan Company or Saffron King Business
Saffron sale in Rotterdam Netherlands

Saffron sale in Europe

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