Purchase exporting saffron

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Purchase price of exporting saffron
The purchase price of saffron in the field of selling and buying bulk saffron depends on various factors. Factors such as:
1. Type of saffron
2. The quality of saffron
3. Saffron standards
4. Provider company services
5. Saffron delivery place
6. Saffron packaging
7. The price of the dollar (this factor affects the side costs of export)

Price list of saffron

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The items that you will see in the price list of exporting saffron are as follows:
1. The price of different types of saffron
2. Price of 2 quality grades saffron (exporting and first class)
3. Prices in Toman for delivery in Iran and exporting prices are in dollars and Euros for delivery in other destination country
4. Exporting prices are as CIF.
5.The price of exporting saffron varies according to the order quantity.
Purchase exporting saffron

We are the wholesaler of saffron please contact us to buy saffron

Saffron buying procedure

In the following, you can see the price of saffron in the weights of 1 to 10 kg, 10 to 25 kg, 25 to 50 kg and 50 to 100 kg, and select the option you want.
1. In the price list of exporting saffron below, only the price of saffron per kilo is listed and the cost of packaging in different sizes, different designs and different materials is the borne by the customer.
2. The expiration date of this price list is listed below and in the price description of the price table.

How to buy saffron per kilo

How to buy saffron per kilo

1. If you are not familiar with the different types and quality grades, we can send you between 200 and 250 grams of samples and after your review and approval, we will send the original order.
2. We will present you the same saffron that we offer in the country and the market you want.
3. We will deliver the order according to your order in Iran or in your destination country.
4. All certificates and order standards will be sent to you along with the original order.

Selling saffron and corporate

Selling saffron and corporate

1- Our companies are active in the field of wholesale sales, and it is possible for all companies to sell with their brand name in Iran or in other countries after receiving saffron and the necessary international certificates from us.
2- Commercial companies that intend to sell and export bulk saffron or distribute it domestically or in other countries can receive it in the default packaging of our company or in their intended packaging (by  order and by circulation).

Saffron shopping center

Saffron shopping center

Almas Saffron Jahan and Saffron King business Companies are a first class exporting saffron sales center in Khorasan and Tehran.
In this center, all the production and export of saffron is done under the supervision of the company’s specialists and experts and with international standards.
Almas Saffron Jahan and Saffron King business Companies are manufacturer and exporter of first-class exporting saffron in Iran, Afghanistan and Morocco.

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