New and fresh saffron is available in our company.
We have agricultural land in Iran and Afghanistan and we grow saffron.
Our saffron has been removed from the earth this year.
Contact us to buy different types of Iranian saffron, Afghan saffron and Spanish saffron.

What is the selling price of saffron

The price of Negin and Super Negin saffron has not changed much, but the price of Mancha saffron has fluctuated slightly.
In the saffron price table (in the following section), you can see the price per kilo of pure saffron.

What is the selling price of premium saffron?

What is the selling price of premium saffron?

As you know, the price of a kilo of premium saffron in the market depends on the type of saffron.
Now that it is the saffron harvest season, the price of saffron has become a little cheaper.
But in general, now the price of one kilo of Negin saffron is between 3 to 6 €.
The price of each kilo of premium saffron is between 8.5 to 9.5 €
In the table below, you can see the price chart of premium saffron.

What is the price of saffron today?

Saffron stores set their prices according to certain criteria.
The purchase price of saffron in saffron online stores is between 4 and 9 euros. Of course, this is the price per gram of saffron.
Depending on the type of saffron – saffron brand – the type of saffron packaging – the place of sale of saffron, etc., the hot price of saffron and the partial sale of saffron are different.
Today’s price of saffron is uploaded on this site in an instant.
In the table above, you saw the price of saffron today.

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What is the major kilogram of saffron?

What is the major kilogram of saffron?

As you know, we are a wholesaler of saffron.
Therefore, the price of kilo and bulk saffron in our companies is very cheap.
The price of each kilo of Iranian saffron in Saffron King Business Company is between 800 and 1400 Euros.
The price of one kilo of pure bulk saffron is between 1000 and 1800 Euros.

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De prijs van saffraan

What is the reason for the difference in the daily price of saffron?

Why do you think we are witnessing the current price of this saffron?
At the same time, there are various reasons and the daily price of saffron is actually announced day by day.
Aside from the type of saffron and the amount of saffron purchased, mismanagement – the presence of brokers is the reason for the change in the price of saffron.

The current price of saffron (daily price of saffron) is regularly uploaded on this site.

Saffraanprijzen op de markt

Buy and sell saffron from the company

You must have noticed from the contents of the site that we are the eighth wholesaler of saffron and we work in the field of saffron export.
Well … it is very clear that buying pure saffron from a saffron farmer and buying saffron from a company (Saffron King Business) is always economical.
Saffron sellers Even saffron online stores set prices based on their own criteria.
But reputable companies try to keep their prices constant.
An important point is that the purchase and sale price of saffron from the company is mainly in cash.

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Wat is de reden voor het verschil in de prijs van rood goud?

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