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Sale and export of saffron *** Company Reg No: 75680505
Saffron King Business imports and exports saffron (the red gold) and Saffron-related products from Afghanistan to the Netherlands and from the Netherlands to other European and non-European countries for both the business and private markets Saffron King Business is proud This company has worldwide branches in countries such as the Middle East, Asian and European countries Saffron King Business provides the services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
As you know we are producing saffron. In Afghanistan and Iran we have agricultural saffron and we plant saffron. Buy the best organic saffron from us
Price of Saffron King Business saffron varieties are loaded daily on this site. Dear friend, Call now and get the price of Saffron in Europe and the price of Saffron to buy Saffron.
Saffron sales are bulk in our companies. Our sample of saffron is 100 grams. The prices of our products are uploaded daily to this site

Saffron exports to all over the world

By year 2019 we had export saffron to more than 38 countries. In Year 2020 we have the power to export saffron to the whole world If you want to buy saffron, contact us.

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