This article is dedicated to the purchase, sale and price of Negin saffron

Where is the most prestigious shopping center for Negin saffron?
What is the most suitable price for export saffron?
Negin saffron price list in the European market
Wholesale Negin saffron and what is the price of saffron today?
What are the most important features of Negin saffron?

Specifications of Negin saffron?

Specifications of Negin saffron?

The most important part of saffron in terms of color and useful compounds compared to other parts of the field is called Negin.
It is actually all red
No whiteness and yellowness
Good taste
The smell of this type of saffron is very good
Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Negin’s name has been considered for this part of the saffron field. ( Red Gold )
Negin Red gold is one of the highest quality products that has special unique features.
Suitable climate and soil are needed for planting and producing saffron
Saffron plants have the best position for growth in subtropical regions.

The price of Negin saffron

The Dutch and German markets are the most specialized centers for buying and selling saffron in Europe.
Variety in product, price and method of offering saffron is more visible in this market.
For example: the price of Negin red gold in the European market varies between 1350 Euros to 1700 Euros.
This product is first divided according to its grade and then it is priced by considering other factors such as the amount of order and purchase, etc.
The types of saffron available in the SaffronKing.Shop store have high quality grades and are for export.

Buy saffron in Europe

Selling and presenting red gold in bulk and packaging methods is common in the market.

Some types are mainly sold in bulk
In wholesale, the packaging is 400 grams, half a kilo and one kilogram.
Negin and Sargol saffron are the most popular types and are usually in the price list of Red gold at the top of the table.
Due to market fluctuations, today’s price list of saffron in this company is regularly updated.

What is the price of saffron today?

Saffron King is one of the most reputable companies selling saffron in Europe.

The price of the brand’s products is between 800 and 1,850 euros.
Today’s price of Negin saffron (Grade 1) is 1,450 Euros
The product that is suitable for the European market (Mancha saffron) is 1,150 Euros

Factors affecting the selling price of saffron

Several factors are effective in buying and selling saffron:

1- Saffron is a commodity for export and is affected by changes in exchange rates and the dollar.
2- International political relations affect the process of saffron export and this issue is effective in the daily price of saffron.
3- The amount of saffron purchased
4 – Type of packaging
5 – Delivery destination and origin of products
6 – Saffron King saffron brand value
7 – Customs and transportation costs and …

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