How much is the purchase price of saffron?
How to buy Saffron in bulk?
The best price for bulk saffron in different European markets is between € 3,100 and € 6,500.
But what is the reason for the difference price per kilogram of saffron?
What is the best price for saffron in the saffron market?

See the list below for Saffron Buying and Selling Prices .
We examine the difference purchase price between saffron in Iran and the conditions of purchase in different countries.

Sale price of exported saffron in 2020

Wholesale Saffron prices vary depending on the type of saffron on the market.
The conditions in the European market and the price of saffron in the Dutch market are almost the same.
In the following section we will examine the price of each type of saffron according to its quality grades.

Prices have been updated

Why is there different prices for 1 kilogram of saffron?

Why is the difference price for 1 kilogram of saffron?
The most widely used export saffron are Saffron Negin-Saffron Sargol and Pushal saffron. Each of these 3 types of saffron is divided into 4 qualitative degrees. The price of each type of saffron according to its quality and it is different from other grades of saffron.
But how much is price for the most used export saffron?
In the table below you will find the most expensive list of saffron varieties.

The Persian Trader Saffron – Simply The Best Saffron
Saffron King Business and Almas Saffron Jahan

Cause of price difference per kilogram of saffron
The most unique type of saffron for specific people

How much saffron is cultivated in Iran?

The type of saffron is only for specific people due to its characteristics.
The most unique type of saffron, or organic saffron, are products that are used only for certain markets. With about 470 tonnes of saffron being produced in Iran annually but less than 2% of it being organic, Saffron King Business and Almas Saffron Jahan Company carries out part of its production in Iran and in Afghanistan.
As you know, Afghanistan’s saffron is the best known in international markets for its organic content.

If you also want to buy organic saffron in bulk you can contact our experts.

The most prestigious method of major purchase of saffron

If you are also planning on buying a large amount saffron, you may have to ask: How can I buy it safely?
Saffron King Business and Almas Saffron Jahan Companies operates as producer, supplier and exporter of saffron.
We are proud to be able to offer saffron samples in all cities of Iran and wherever you are in the world.

As you know in the field of major sales of saffron, product volume is very important, as each type of saffron has different volumes.
It is best to take 250 to 500 grams as a sample before ordering the original order to estimate the various aspects (fragrance, coloring and appearance of saffron and, most importantly, volume).

Decrease in the price of saffron per year

Dear businessmen/businesswomen, after registering the final order (on a contract or a cross-border basis) you can use discount cards.
Please note that price reductions are for weights over 5 kg.
Discounts are based on weights of 1 to 20 kg, 20 to 50 kg and 50 to 100 kg and 100 to 500 kg and vary.

Orders over 100 kg of saffron are packaged in 5 kg and 10 kg packages and will be sent to your loved ones.

Saffron sales and export of saffron

As you know, the price of saffron varies from country to country.
The price of saffron in Europe has not changed in 2020
The price of saffron fluctuated in 2020
We are the producer and supplier of saffron and we offer you Iranian saffron and Afghan saffron directly.

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