There is a question in the minds of saffron buyers: if I go to the saffron store to buy saffron How much is 1 kg of saffron worth?
Saffron King Business and Almas Saffron Jahan Companies are active in the world in selling and exporting saffron and these companies cultivate saffron in Iran and Afghanistan and supply saffron all over the world.

Prijzen van Iraanse saffraan

How much is a 1 kg of saffron?

In this section you will see the price of each type of saffron.
Prices of Iranian saffron
Prices of Afghan saffron and etc..
Saffron King Business and Almas Saffron Jahan upload the all info regularly to this site.
How much do you think the 1 kg of saffron is worth in the European markets? see below the link:

price of saffron in the market
price of saffron in the market

How much is a kilo in bulk directly from the cultivator?

The price of saffron is very different as a retail or wholesale saffron in the European markets .
We are cultivator and supplier of saffron.
A good Afghan saffron can be found in anywhere from 5 to 8 Euros per gram, so 1 kg is between 5,000 Euros to 8,000 Euros.
However, at the grocery store sites, each gram of saffron is between 7 euros and 12 euros

Wat is de prijs van saffraan in Nederland?

What is the price of saffron in every year?

The important question is. why is the price of saffron so high?
 In fact, it is a spice that has a very hard and very long stroll to harvest.
For a better understanding of this, please read the following text.
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Today's price of saffron in saffron market
Today’s price of saffron in saffron market

Cause of price difference per kilogram of saffron
The most unique type of saffron for specific people

What is the price of saffron?

As you know, saffron is the most expensive spice you can find in the world.
Usually sold in a few grams or even less, the size of an ounce, just a few yarn of this delicate and exquisite tasting plant.
At the markets, the best quality or high quality saffron costs around $ 3,000 (about 1 kg).
So such pricing makes saffron spices even more expensive than gold today. That is why it is commonly referred to as “red gold” in the world.

Important point in buying saffron
Important point in buying saffron

Saffron extraction process

Most of the saffron in the world produces and cultivates in Iran.
 however, there are no mechanized methods for safely harvesting saffron flowers from saffron flowers.
The saffron plant is very delicate from a few strands, each of which must be gently and gently removed by hand.
 Once removed from the flower, the stigmas are professionally dried to retain their deep red, unique taste and prevent moisture when packing. The flowers are also small and grow very close to the ground, making the whole process compact.

Export statistics for saffron
Price of saffron in 2020 Price per kg of saffron

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How does the best saffron look like?

Today you can see growing saffron in parts of the Mediterranean, Spain, France, Italy  Iran and Afghanistan.
But be aware that the quality of saffron will be different.
Contact us to buy Afghan saffron and Iranian saffron.
We are a cultivator and supplier of saffron and we offer you the best quality saffron.

Price of saffron in the Netherlands

Wholesale Saffron Prices and Retail Saffron?

Like other products, the price of saffron is cheaper than the retail price of saffron.
We are  (Saffron King Business and Almas Saffron Jahan) a wholesaler of saffron.
So, whenever you look for saffron in online stores,.Generally, the price of saffron per gram decrease with increasing amount of saffron. For example, in the saffron store, especially the online saffron stores, the price of saffron is much higher than its original price compare to wholesale saffron supplier

price of saffron in Qatar

Quality Saffron “Saffron King Business ”

Its considered the best type of the Iran and Afghanistan. Iran is the largest producer of saffron worldwide.
Our Saffron has a high content of the crocin coloring rate (more than 260/270). It counts to the best category 1 of the ISO standard 3632.
The products offers are free of pesticides and unadulterated.

Purchase and export of saffron
Saffron price and Saffron sales in Europe in the 2020

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