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What is the price of pure saffron?
Where is the best bulk saffron?
Buy high quality saffron from the largest seller of saffron
What is the minimum and maximum amount of bulk purchase of export saffron?

The price of pure saffron

The price of pure saffron
The price of pure saffron

Each kilo of saffron in the European market is between 890 and 1600 euros.
Of course, this is the price of Saffron King products.
On store sites or online stores, the price of one gram of saffron is bought and sold between 3 and 6 euros.
Due to the fact that we have an agricultural farm and we grow saffron,
so you can buy the highest quality saffron at the best price from our company.
For purchases over 5 kg, the price of pure saffron will be reduced by 18%.

The best bulk saffron

The best bulk saffron
The best bulk saffron

The products that are offered in the market, regardless of the different types, have several degrees of quality.
Saffron grade is determined according to various factors:
Saffron planting method
How to dry saffron
Maintenance method
Type of saffron packaging
Distribution process

Red gold due to its delicacy and sensitivity requires special care so as not to reduce its quality.
Usually saffron crocin is from 220 to 285.
The color, taste and smell of saffron are very important.
The appearance of saffron, which should be completely red.
But currently, the highest quality bulk saffron is offered to the market by King Saffron Collection with Crocin 305.
Buy high quality saffron

Buy high quality saffron

Types of northern saffron:
Saffron Sargol
Saffron negin
Super Negin Saffron
Saffron for restaurant
Saffron Mancha
All these types of saffron are offered in different grades in Saffron King store.
To buy pure saffron, contact our partners in the sales department.
Get a sample of saffron and after observing the quality of saffron, buy the best saffron.
Buy high quality saffron

Bulk purchase of export saffron

Bulk purchase of export saffron
Bulk purchase of export saffron

One of the foundations of any successful business is the high quality of the products.
We export red gold to different countries.
Due to the fact that our headquarters are in Europe, we supply the largest amount of saffron to European countries.
Wholesale saffron is based in Rotterdam, Munich, Germany and Spain.
Usually saffron that is sent to European countries is grade A +
Of course, Europeans are accustomed to buying high quality saffron.
Buy high quality saffron

One gram saffron store

It is one of the largest saffron online stores in Europe in the country of Hand.
Due to the fact that we are the wholesaler of saffron, we offer one gram of saffron and half a gram of saffron
in the minimum order quantity of 1000 packages.
In Saffron store (SaffronKing.Shop) you can see different types of product packaging.

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