The Afghan Saffron has been rated as best Saffron in the World (In 2016 – 2017 – 2018 ) for third consecutive year by international institute based in Brussels, it has been reported.
The rating by International Taste and Quality Institute was given after

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Exported Afghan Saffron to Europe

collecting around 300 Saffron samples from around the world.
Founded in 2003, the International Taste and Quality Institute has been testing and recognizing different food products globally .
Afghan Saffron costs around $2,000 per kg and is exported to Europe, United States, and Gulf countries, carrying the ISO Certification mark.

Best saffron in the world

The best saffron is saffron from Afghanistan

The Ministry said earlier this year “This shows about 17 percent increase in the production of Saffron.” Distribution of Saffron crocus bulbs, equipment and training 335 students on how to plant and collect Saffron, and as well the expert advisory have been identified as the main reasons for the increase, the ministry said.

The best saffron is saffron from Afghanistan

The Value of Saffron

Only one ounce of saffron spice needs a lot of efforts, tough labor and picking more than 7,000 purple saffron flowers.
The flower’s red antenna or sargol saffron must be picked by hands individually and then dried in best conditions.

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These procedures make saffron

These procedures make saffron rare and make its mass production limited. Fortunately, only small amounts of saffron spice are required in cooking.
It is also the most expensive spice in the world, weight for weight being worth more than gold and using it in any food make it a luxurious dish.

The Value of Saffron

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